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Movement and energy training based in South Korean Taoist principles to develop internal strength and vitality, balance emotions, create a healthy circulation of energy and clear the mind.

Through stretching, shaking, tapping, holding postures and meditation we work with principles to develop optimum energy flow through your body and come to a state of peace and relaxation. Each class is unique and can be tailored to a particular intention. Some of the practices included and their purpose are described in the table below. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

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A selection of these are included in each class.


Standing and floor stretches

Open meridian channels to improve energy flow, release tension from the body. It helps create flexibility in the body and mind.


Using rhythm to shake your body to drumming music.

Intentional shaking releases tension from the body, helps eliminate excess thoughts and let go of stuck feelings and mental patterns. It improves circulation and improves sleep patterns. It can be done standing, seated and lying down for different purposes and is a useful, simple technique you can repeat at home.


Tapping different parts of the body with your hands.

Tapping with a caring intention helps bring the mind into the body, therefore letting go of busy thoughts and becoming more still. 'Where the mind goes energy flows' - by feeling your body you bring fresh energy into it. Tapping also helps release stagnant energy from the body (imagine dust flying out of an old rug.)  It helps to create a still, quiet mind.


A full body moving meditation from standing to the floor.

This sacred and physical practice offers a powerful space to strengthen and create flexibility in the body, whilst also bringing  intention and prayer. Fresh energy is gathered in the body and it creates deep stillness and healing.


Maintaining one posture for a short period of time.

These powerful postures generate strength in the body, mind and emotions. Energy blocks are felt potentially healed. Core strength is greatly improved and resiliance developed.


Coordinating breathing with particular body positions/parts.

Deepen the connection to breath whilst in a series of postures or one particular posture. This generates more vitality and warmth in the core, helps manage stress and improve immune functions.


Developing energy awareness during meditation.

Seated or moving positions where you are guided to connect with the sensation of energy in your hands or body. The meditation maybe more still, move with breath or intuitive flowing movements.


Moving with energy

A meditative movement practice that helps you accumulate energy (Ki) and develop intuition and subtle energy awareness. Ki Gong helps relax and still the mind and body, improves circulation and body alignment.


Full body resting on the floor.

Every session includes relaxation to help integrate the body and minds experience and soothe the nervous system.

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  • Shaking // Release thoughts and journey to the session

  • Tapping // Bring the mind into the body, become more present

  • Stretching // Deepen into the body, open meridian channels

  • Holding Posture // Develop Strength and resilience

  • Relaxation // Integrate and soothe the Body

  • Energy Meditation // Connect with universal energy. Refresh and revitalise.

  • Sharing Circle // Connect and reflect.

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  • Learn simple exercises you can repeat at home to manage various emotions, mental, physical and energetic states

  • Improve gut health, core strength, motivation and life force energy.

  • Release stress and tension from your body and mind.

  • Improve sleep patterns and the ability to rest and relax.

  • Develop flexibility, loose weight and feel good about your body.

  • Enhance your awareness of your body, mind and energy bodies.

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I totally love Anna-Lisa’s classes. They’re like nothing else I’ve ever tried but way better! I feel I’ve learnt some great practices which I’m inspired to carry on doing at home and I love that it’s all done to music as it instantly feels uplifting! Anna-Lisa has such great energy and has created such a warm, calm, welcoming space - it’s such a joy to take part each week. I feel so much calmer after every session - however chaotic or stressed I might be feeling, I know I’ll come out feeling totally serene. I’d go to a class every day if I could !! Jude Mansley


Incredible class! I feel centered and grounded. Every part of my body and energetic field feels awake and I am beaming and lower back feels loose. The 21 bowings we did connected me to gracefulness, to bowing to my partner energy without any interference, to my family and to the self.

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AnnaLisa Drew

I trained as a Tao Master within a South Korean Sun Do form 13 years ago. I have run a wide variety of these classes, trainings and workshops for adults and children in private centres and schools since then as well as in my own personal practice and training.

I use my learning and practices daily and have found incredibly simple yet powerful ways to transform my health. I have used these tools to navigate various personal emotional, health and life challenges more smoothly and peacefully.  

My intention is to guide these classes sincerely and with lightness, warmth and a little fun! I'm really looking forward to sharing these practices with you and supporting your journey into a healthier and more joyful life experience.

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